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Robotic and Automation Service

ACG Automation, LLC

In the world of automated manufacturing, productivity and system uptime are keys to being competitive. The equipment, process, maintenance and system interoperability are all factors to be considered. When a robot fails returning it to working condition quickly is the key to manufacturing success.

With the expertise and experience at ACG Automation, LLC, we can repair your Motoman or Fanuc robotic equipment accurately and quickly,.reducing the downtime and increasing productivity.

We offer the technical knowledge of support necessary to keep your system running at peak efficiency. Rapid response over a large coverage area is our norm. Solving your most technical challenges in automation and control systems has been, and remains, our core competency. We provide solutions that leverage our knowledge base, and are driven by our passion for innovative problem solving.


ACG Automation, LLC offer all aspects of robotic/automation equipment services and repair. Including but not limited too: installation, integration, production support, programming, emergency repair, preventive maintenance programs and robot and system training.

World-class technical service should not be an add-on or option but rather an extension of your operations environment regardless of who provides the service. The key is to find an alliance partner that can work seamlessly within the customer environment and provide the value proposition that enables customer success .

Integration, Installation and Set-Up We can integrate new or used robots into your process needs. Our experience with cell design, installation, end of arm tooling design, and weld fixture design will give you peace of mind in your investment. Cycle time studies and feasibility studies are carefully considered during the design process. State of the art design software is utilized for reach studies and CAD design.

Production Support During the transition of new equipment installation and personnel training, there can be an excessive amount of downtime due to personnel inexperience. ACG Automation, LLC can bridge the gap by training personnel on the day to day operation of the equipment while maintaining production flow.

Programming ACG Automation, LLC has experienced technicians to support initial system programming or re-programming as your needs change. We are well versed in programming all processes (Welding ,resistance welding, material wandling, palletizing and machine tending).

Emergency Repair The biggest offender in manufacturing is downtime. ACG Automation, LLC has experienced technicians to support, troubleshoot and repair your system with minimal downtime. We offer experienced technical phone / email support to help you reduce cost and lost production. We can be at your facility within 24 hours from the initial call in most cases.

Preventive Maintenance Programs ACG Automation, LLC offers complete Preventive Maintenance plans,. We can evaluate your robotic and automation equipments usage based on your facilities environment and work load and design a program that best suits your needs.

Training ACG Automation, LLC offers all aspects of training including system, process, and maintenance. We can customize a training class that best suits your equipment and personnel needs. At your facility or ours- includes manuals and handouts.
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